1. What type of adjustments do you offer?

    Dr. Chad Anderson was interviewed recently via Google+ and talked about the different types of chiropractic adjustments that are available to patients at Anderson Chiropractic Center in Holly Springs, North Carolina. We normally do mostly manual, hands on adjustments here at Anderson Chiropractic C…Read More

  2. Are you accepting new patients?

    Dr. Chad Anderson was recently interviewed about a number of things, but one that is always of interest is if the office in Holly Springs is accepting new patients for chiropractic care. Anderson Chiropractic in Holly Springs is almost always accepting new patients. Different things happen from day …Read More

  3. Is chiropractic care covered by my insurance?

    Insurance can be a very tricky thing. Anderson Chiropractic Center is in network with pretty much every insurance carrier here in North Carolina. If we ever find a case, or someone comes in with an insurance that we’re not in network with, we try to get into network with them. One of the few netwo…Read More

  4. How much will chiropractic care cost me?

    Dr. Chad Anderson was answering some questions recently about insurance coverage for chiropractic care when the question surfaced about the cash cost of chiropractic adjustments. What if someone doesn’t have insurance? Anderson Chiropractic Center has a lot of different cash options. We understa…Read More

  5. Where did you get your chiropractic training?

    Dr. Chad Anderson recently participated in a Google+ interview where he talked about his formal training. I actually went to the Palmer College of Chiropractic. I’m probably a little biased because I went to that school but it’s known around the chiropractic community as the Harvard of chiropra…Read More

  6. Should Kids Go To A Chiropractor?

    One of the questions Dr. Chad Anderson is asked most often is, “Should my child see a chiropractor?” We often think of children as being as flexible as rubber bands and not having any discomfort, but getting to a person as early in life as possible often means you can correct things and keep the…Read More

  7. Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

    Dr. Chad Anderson talks about the advantages of having a properly functioning spine during pregnancy. More comfortable days, sleep better at night and possibly an easier delivery! I know when my wife was pregnant with our son, she was very uncomfortable, do you offer chiropractic services for pregna…Read More

  8. Massage Therapy at a Chiropractic Office?

    When most people think of the word massage, they envision the kind you see on television where you are relaxing in a spa with scented candles and there is a masseuse rubbing your back. It looks great on a soap opera, but it doesn’t always provide you with the deep relation that you think. What’s…Read More

  9. Chiropractic Care – Getting Started

    Dr. Chad Anderson answers a question about how to get started with chiropractic care and what are the signs that it might be time to call for a free consultation. I encourage anybody who has questions about chiropractic in general to sit down and have a 100% free consultation with me. We always offe…Read More

  10. Curing Migraines Naturally

    During a recent interview, Dr. Chad Anderson explains what causes many of the migraines in the patients he sees and how his team offers relief. I do see a lot of people who come in our office, that have headaches, many who’ve had headaches for many years, and they’ve gone to different medical pr…Read More