Dr. Chad Anderson was answering some questions recently about insurance coverage for chiropractic care when the question surfaced about the cash cost of chiropractic adjustments.

What if someone doesn’t have insurance?

Anderson Chiropractic Center has a lot of different cash options.

We understand with insurance being so hard to deal with and that a lot of people that just don’t have it. We have a lot of very competitive cash rates that we offer. If someone comes in for their first visit, we usually charge a flat $65 fee plus whatever x-rays we take during that visit.

Subsequent visits are at our normal cash rate, $65 per visit, but we do have different cash plans that can drop that to as low as $45 per visit if we do a multiple visit cash plan.

We have lots of different plans available. My primary concern as a doctor is to get my patient well. We try to really treat the finances with another hand so if someone comes in and they need my service, we’ll sit down and work something out with them. We’re normally flexible in what we can work out with patients. We’re definitely able to work out different payment plans, payment options.

Even when someone does decide to purchase a pre-payment plan, a lot of times what we’ll do is even allow them to make payments/installments on that payment plan as well. Which a lot of different medical office would never do that. It’s supposed to be a pre-payment plan but we really do everything in our power to allow that patient to get the care they need and we’ll work out the payment situation. So we’re really flexible here.