Insurance can be a very tricky thing. Anderson Chiropractic Center is in network with pretty much every insurance carrier here in North Carolina. If we ever find a case, or someone comes in with an insurance that we’re not in network with, we try to get into network with them.

One of the few networks that we were really working on to get in network with was Aetna Healthcare. We recently just got in network with them, so I believe at this time we are in network with everybody.

As far as how much coverage each individual plan covers, it varies from person to person and plan to plan. We’ve had patients come in with great chiropractic coverage. They’ve had as little as a $10-15 copay, and I’ve seen copays as high as 50-60.

It’s something that really depends on what type of insurance that patient has, and what type of chircopratic coverage their insurance carrier offers, there really isn’t a standard.

Most insurance companies now cover chiropractic care but a lot of times, the type and amount of what it covers, varies from plan to plan. I always urge potential patients to give us a call and then our staff can call their insurance company to find out exactly what they cover, and we’ll let them know that on the first visit.

Our state association here in NC is working very hard to try to lower the chiropractic care copay here in our state. It’s something that a lot of insurance companies have allowed the copays to go higher and higher and we’re trying to fight really hard, as a profession, to keep these copays as low as possible to really allow people to seek our service in a cost effect manner.