One of the questions Dr. Chad Anderson is asked most often is, “Should my child see a chiropractor?

We often think of children as being as flexible as rubber bands and not having any discomfort, but getting to a person as early in life as possible often means you can correct things and keep them from becoming a chronic source of pain later in life.

I absolutely recommend chiropriactic care for all kids.

My daughter has been adjusted pretty much since the day she was born. Chiropractic is for everybody. If you have a spine, you have a nervous system, chiropractic is for you.

It’s very important for kids to be checked out, it’s really one of the most traumatic things that people go through is the natural birthing process. It’s very hard on the spine and the nervous system. There is a growing body of research looking into the idea that many of the injuries and chronic problems that adults experience later in life may stem from the birthing process.

I always urge people to get their children in here at a young age to check out their spine and make sure everything is working and developing properly. It’s such an important time in life. When we are young, when things are happening, things are developing so quickly, and it’s really much easier for your body to grow properly.

My youngest patient was an hour old, and my oldest was probably 99 or 100.

Like I said, if you have a spine and a nervous sytem, chiropractic care is for you. There is different techniquest that we use for small children and kids but they’re definitely never too young, and we see a lot of kids here in the office.