Dr. Chad Anderson answers a question about how to get started with chiropractic care and what are the signs that it might be time to call for a free consultation.

I encourage anybody who has questions about chiropractic in general to sit down and have a 100% free consultation with me.

We always offer a consultation to sit down and talk. We alk about what problems you’re having and what might be causing them, as well as get a little bit of history.

Then I can really go through and explain to you exactly how those problems, those aches and pains, are often caused by muscular imbalance and/or spinal imbalance. A good chiropractor can calm those muscles down and correct a lot of those issues.

There is no reason to continue to experience day-to-day pain if you don’t have to. Pain is your body’s way of saying that something is wrong and the more you ignore that problem, the worse the problem will get.

So I always urge people, at the first sign of anything, any kind of discomfort, to try to address that quickly, so it’s not an issue down the road.

I encourage everybody that’s interested in chiropractic care, to call us or come in let me know what’s wrong so we address how the proper care can alleviate a lot of those issues.