1. Is this going to hurt?

    Chiropractors are all asked one question more than any other, “is this going to hurt?” It really varies from person to person. Chiropractic adjustments should never hurt. Everything we do here is perfectly safe. We make sure we do things the right way and make sure that no one is in pain after t…Read More

  2. Activator Methods vs Hands-On Chiropractic in Holly Springs

    When you visit a chiropractor, there are multiple ways to find relief. Almost everyone offers manual, hands-on adjustments. Many also offer a tool that offers relief in a different but just as effective method. Dr. Chad Anderson talks about the difference between using the activator method vs. tra…Read More

  3. Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Care

    Fall is here, and by now all of the fall sports are in full swing! As the season progresses and the competition progressively amps up, it is inevitable that the number of sports related injuries will be on  the rise. While many of these injuries will occur as a result of an accident, some are also …Read More

  4. Chiropractor vs. Traditional Doctor

    Holly Springs Chiropractor, Dr. Chad Anderson was asked what the difference is between visiting a chiropractor versus a traditional family doctor. Our schooling isn’t very different than that of a medical doctor. The main difference being, we learn how to adjust the spine, and they learn how to pr…Read More

  5. What is that “popping, snapping, cracking” sound?

    People often wonder about the noises they hear during an adjustement. They ask if it’s the same noise that their knees and other joints make when they get up and down. Many think back to their parents warning them about “popping” their knuckles out of fear of them getting arthritis. Your joint…Read More