When you visit a chiropractor, there are multiple ways to find relief. Almost everyone offers manual, hands-on adjustments. Many also offer a tool that offers relief in a different but just as effective method.

Dr. Chad Anderson talks about the difference between using the activator method vs. traditional manual adjustments.

It’s one of the many ways to adjust the spine, and there’s a lot of different ways to adjust the spine, it’s a matter of what technique works better for each person.

We have patients who just do not like the manual adjustment. They’ve gone to other chiropractors and said that they just did not like the way they were adjusted and I always let them know there a lot of different ways to adjust them.

We’ll try some different techniques with them because there’s always different preferences, so we find a technique that will work better for them.

I’m definitely open to that because I want to do what’s best for the patient. If a patient would rather have a light force, low impact adjustment like with the activator, we can certainly provide that for them.