Holly Springs Chiropractor, Dr. Chad Anderson was asked what the difference is between visiting a chiropractor versus a traditional family doctor.

Our schooling isn’t very different than that of a medical doctor. The main difference being, we learn how to adjust the spine, and they learn how to prescribe medication.

I believe that we all have our specific roles in the healthcare system. There are times when a patient comes in and needs the care of a primary care physician and I refer them to a traditional doctor.

I think the difference in the way I treat patients as a chiropractor is I really focus on them from the inside out. I’m less concerned with what symptoms you’re having, I’m more concerned with why you’re having that symptom. A traditional medical practitioner looks at the symptoms first, and they want to treat the symptom. It’s really just the way that we look at the body and the way we treat things.

As a chiropractor I’m concerned with why you’re experiencing those symptoms and I try to eliminate those symptoms by finding the the root causes. There’s definitely a place for each mindset in the medical world. It’s just a matter of us working together to provide our patients and the public with the most effective care.

I’ve had patients come in and I’ll find out on the X-ray or the imaging or the exam that I’ll do, that they need to see an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist, or a medical doctor. I view myself as a portal entry of care into the medical system. There are times when I refer a patient out to a practitioner when it’s out of the scope of chiropractic care.

I have a great working relationship with a lot of local physicians in the area and once we find out which direction a patient needs to go we can all work together and co-manage that patient to provide the appropriate care for them.