Anderson Chiropractic Center is the place to go!!!

I have always been the one with the thought that Chiropractors are not good for you. After being in an accident years ago and also suffering with severe migraines for over 8 years now, I decided to take a chance. First of all, the atmosphere in A.C.C. is just amazing. The very high class office, extremely friendly office staff and a very knowledgeable and caring doctor was just a great way to start my new venture towards feeling better. Learning about how my neck was not curving the correct way was a big shock for me. That was the main cause of my migraines. After months of treatment by Dr. Anderson, I can say that I am migraine free. He has set me on the correct path to feeling a million times better and being drug free now, makes me feel like a brand new person.
Without Dr. Anderson and his treatments, I know I would be back at another doctors office for them to explain that they don’t know why I have so many migraines and hand me another medication and push me out the door. Dr. Anderson has taken the time out to educate me and really cares about his patients. If you are searching for a new chiropractors office, Anderson Chiropractic Center is the place to go!!!

Kylene C.