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Sometimes, people go “old school” and actually write us a note! Here’s a few of those:

Dear Dr. Anderson,
I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for the wonderful job that you guys do. As a deputy Sheriff, I rely on my back all the time. I must carry over 30 lbs. of gear on my duty belt and uniform while sitting and standing for extended periods of time. You truly have exceeded my expectations and my back has never felt better. With all the negative press about health care it’s nice to know there are caring and compassionate Doctor’s out there. Going to the Doctor can be a stressful time for most, but I look forward every appointment at your office because the relaxing environment instantly puts me at ease. I have recommended many of my co-workers, friends and family and will continue to do so.
Thank You for the great job that you do!
Deputy Sheriff, G.Abreu

I have always been the one with the thought that Chiropractors are not good for you. After being in an accident years ago and also suffering with severe migraines for over 8 years now, I decided to take a chance.
First of all, the atmosphere in A.C.C. is just amazing. The very high class office, extremely friendly office staff and a very knowledgeable and caring doctor was just a great way to start my new venture towards feeling better. Learning about how my neck was not curving the correct way was a big shock for me. That was the main cause of my migraines. After months of treatment by Dr. Anderson, I can say that I am migraine free. He has set me on the correct path to feeling a million times better and being drug free now, makes me feel like a brand new person.
Without Dr. Anderson and his treatments, I know I would be back at another doctors office for them to explain that they don’t know why I have so many migraines and hand me another medication and push me out the door. Dr. Anderson has taken the time out to educate me and really cares about his patients. If you are searching for a new chiropractors office, Anderson Chiropractic Center is the place to go!!!
Kylene C.

I want to thank Dr. Anderson for his work over the last three days. I went from not being able to get out of a chair without help to swinging a golf club in three days. The guys a miracle worker.
Mike Bullis

Dear Dr. Anderson,
I wanted to thank you for all your help. As a dentist, I rely on my back so much. For the last couple of years you have helped me maintain the health of my back and neck which has not only allowed me to work comfortably, but has given me a greater quality of life. I’m gonna miss having you here in Burlington. Good luck on your new practice.
Dr. Jim Rafael

I have known Dr. Chad Anderson both personally and professionally for many years. I am greatly impressed with both his character and skills as a Chiropractic physician. As a student clinician, Dr. Anderson was always seeking to learn as much as possible and was always open to new techniques. He demonstrated a level of knowledge and skill far superior to most other student clinicians at his level of study. Later, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I watched him work on my sister, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. She received more relief from Dr. Anderson’s treatment than from any of her previous chiropractic adjustments! I too am a Chiropractic physician (since 1988) and I can honestly say that if I was to need that special adjustment, from that one special chiropractor, that Doctor would be Dr. Chad Anderson!
Dr. Edward M. Brecker

Traveling by car on long road trips is challenging for me because I have tight leg muscles from Cerebral Palsy and a chronic back condition. So, needless to say, after being cooped up in the car for 2 days my body was as tight and stiff as a board. Thank God Dr. Chad was able to help me. He massaged my tight muscles and adjusted my back. My body felt looser and in better alignment. I felt relieved—knowing that my back could now survive the rest of the car trip and vacation. I was grateful to Dr. Chad. He is a very talented chiropractor.
Debbie Brecker

I was dealing with some shoulder pain, and after many visits to traditional doctors and specialists, I went to see Dr. Anderson. He was able to tell me what, during my day and routine, could be contributing to my pain. Dr. Anderson doesn’t just do adjustments; he takes the time to teach his patients how to feel better for the long term, not just the day of the visit. As part of that, he gave me exercises to strengthen and stabilize my shoulder. This has granted me relief that traditional medicine was unable to! Dr. Anderson is, hands down, the best chiropractor I have used (and as much as I’ve moved, it’s been a LOT.) From the friendly and professional staff, to the soothing and comfortable office setting, Anderson Chiropractic Center should be your first stop if you are in need of chiropractic care.

Dr. Anderson,
I am so appreciative to you for your professional chiropractic service that you have provided for me. This has added to a successful quality of life for me by alleviating lower-back and neck pain and by providing a foundation for my total body wellness. Your entrance and smile into the examining room created a caring and sure environment that allowed me to feel sincere that you were going to provide the necessary treatment for my recovery from discomfort and pain. Your chiropractic services are now a total part of my physical and mental wellness regimen.
Thanks to you and your high quality of care to me.

Thank you Dr. Anderson for your kindness, the nice solid adjustments and the great muscle stretching techniques! You kept me standing nice and tall! Also you added in getting my pain under control! Dr. Anderson you will be missed very much! I’m not going to wish you have success in your new practice because I know you will be successful! You have the knowledge and skills of an excellent chiropractor!
Take Care!
Ms. Greene

Dr. Anderson and his staff were outstanding. They listened to my concerns and were able to provide treatment and a timeline. When I came in, I could barely move and sit due to an injury. After leaving, my pain was alleviated and I felt immediate relief. It is such a blessing to have found them!
Megan M.